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The new SCS Compact

The established and successful Swiss brand "Swiss Coffee System" (SCS) from HGZ has been revived with the SCS Compact CTI and MCTI. The SCS Compact stands for robustness, dependability, and efficiency. In day-to-day use, the all-in-one solution represents the perfect choice for the professionals and is a perfect choice for takeaways, office environments, communal catering, and gastronomy with a maximum daily requirement of 140 cups.

The brochure (PDF) for the new coffee machine.

The heart of the Rex-Royal S500

The patented, exceptionally fast, metal brewing unit ensures consistently high-quality coffee. This exemplar of Swiss precision work forms the heart of the S500. The extremely solid construction of the brewing unit is designed for durability and high maintainability. It guarantees the best coffee from the first to the last cup. With a capacity of 23 grams, the brewing chamber opens up almost unlimited possibilities.

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Coffee is a way of life

What is the significance of coffee? Worldwide, coffee is the second most traded product after petroleum. More than 25 million coffee farmers make their livings harvesting or selling coffee, 80% of which are small farmers. Including their families, that means approx. 100 million people live directly off coffee. This number does not take into consideration the personnel from the business that process and sell the coffee.

The taste of coffee is influenced by various factors...